Marea Granate Múnich zeigt am

Freitag 9. Juni 2017, 19 Uhr

Viernes 9 de junio 2017, 19h

Von Segovia nach Dachau/De Segovia a Dachau:

zum Andenken an den Deportierten Cristóbal Fermín/ el recuerdo del deportado Cristóbal Fermín
Vortrag von Cristina Cristóbal, der Enkelin von Fermín Cristóbal, begleitet von einer Powerpoint-Präsentation
Charla de Cristina Cristóbal, nieta de Fermín Cristóbal, acompañada de proyecciones

Break through # 17

"To the ground"

by Ksenia Telepova

11.06.2017 7pm

 "For me there are some basic moments which define my actions in art and in the development of my projects. There is a principle of honesty and sincerity. From this code I’m creating the methods and the main motives of my works . I am convinced of that, that the person is lonely and it is not able to overstep the borders of itself. But, on the one hand, I constantly struggle with my persuasions ,trying to demonstrate, that the person is an extremely open system. And in showing it, in this point, I am guided by the body, that is for me the main source of self-recognition and disclosure of my surroundings . I listen to the body: I regard it as the most honest tool and I use it as a reference point. Attentively and with concentration I perceive everything with skin, each alive or lifeless contact, each source of contact. For me the body is reactive; in the sense that it is always capable to catch and answer to external signals. My task as an artist is don’t miss and, at the same time, to record these reactions. By means of art I try to make visible each thing that it is finding in my environment; I’m forcing all what is surrounding me to take place and to discover itself. I’m obligating such a world to exist, to come to life; a world filled with the smallest and insignificant subjects and phenomen." Ksenia Telepova

Zonal Libre Party

Zona Libre Fest Nr. 26 am 11.6.2017  beginnt diesmal um 19:00 Uhr mit einert Break Through Performance von Ksenia Telepova, gegenüber Import Export. Danach wird weitergefeiert an der Bar an der Mauer. Bitte Getränke selbst mitbringen!