Alexander Steig

Server (collaboration with Philipp Messner and Thomas Thiede), 2015, MaximimiansForum, Munich

Video-Window, closed-circuit video-installation, 2015, MaximimiansForum, Munich

Alexander Steig (1968) studied Culture-Sciences, University of Hildesheim (1990 – 98) and Fine Arts, University of Applied Sciences and Arts, City of Hanover (1992 – 98). Numerous national and international projects, exhibitions and participations. He lives and works as an artist and a curator in Munich.


Since the late nineties he creates mainly site-specific closed-circuit video productions and installations. The artist often presents his works in places, which are marked by an aura of darkness, uncertainty and mystery; think of a railway station at night, a mausoleum or an empty room (cell). He often uses small television sets and cameras that become an integral part of his installations – his live recordings, in a continuous way, present some selected cuttings of reality. The artist investigates issues of control systems and mechanisms. Many works have a meditative, illusive character. This effect can be amplified by multi-channel projections of images that pretend to be stills.


Dr. Tomek Wendland

From catalogue “The Unknown – 3rd Mediations-Biennale”, Poznan (PL), 2012